Psychologist heal thyself

I have done so very little with this blog since April 2016 but so much elsewhere! A PhD has been earned,  a ‘proper’ academic job has been embarked upon, and family caring and support moved into my personal spotlight for much of the last two years.  However January this year my world changed with the death of my Father.  Despite his not inconsiderable health issues and advancing age it was not something imminently expected.

From the immediate aftermath to the here and now has been a long journey.  But now six months on it feels right to move forward.  So, come Monday I will attend graduation and gladly take part in the academic procession, see my fantastic ERP students graduate, and start back at the writing face.

About Orla Parslow-Breen

In random order I am an academic, teacher, researcher, writer, tutor, self-confessed introvert, treadmill addict, trainee counsellor, meditator, and compulsive reader of the written word. Recently I have forgotten where my treadmill is :(
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